Managed Private Network
Managed Exchange
  • Managed Enterprise Desktop
  • Standard Operating Environment
  • Microsoft Office 2003/ 2007
  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2007
  • Managed AntiVirus & Anti Spam
  • Internet Content Filtering
  • Dedicated Application Servers
  • 6GB Data Storage - Per User
  • 5 Levels of Backup
  • Built in - Disaster Recovery
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Blackberry & Active Sync
  • Fixed Cost - Per User, Per Month

For many years, businesses have sought to reduce the cost of business functions and IT overhead through outsourcing. The investment is often high and the solution fails deliver in line with your direct requirements.

Managed Data Services Infrastructure as a Service model, is a tailored solution directly aligned to the strategic requirements of your business. Your Managed solution delivers value through fixed IT costs, reduced risks, simple scalability and access to leading edge IT technologies.

  • MAnaged Hosted Desktop

    Managed Data Services Core Infrastructure as a Service solution addresses the Enterprise level IT requirements of any business. IT risks and costs such as; infrastructure upgrades, Microsoft software upgrades, downtime, data loss and disaster planning are no longer a burden on your internal resources.

    Managed Data Services as a service provider simplifies your IT and provides a fixed cost per user, per month.

  • Managed Exchange

    Increasing complexity and consolidation of core business applications into single point unified solutions, drives IT budgets higher. The responsibility to deliver these applications, increases the complexity of maintaining in-house IT infrastructure.

    Our Managed Application Hosting solution turns the critical software of your business into a powerful, on-demand solution. Our Enteprise Class environment, provides true scalability, high availability and redundancy with fixed costs, allowing your business to focus with peace of mind.

  • Managed Application Hosting

    Business mobility, increasing mailbox sizes and downtime, costly software and infrastructure upgrades are all drivers for businesses to outsource their exchange.

    Our Hosted Exchange product, provides amazing flexibility. It's key features are; self provisioning, unlimited mailbox sizes, access to blackberry & active sync, seamless archiving and fixed cost. Utilising Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 and providing dependable SLA's, our exchange offering is an excellent gateway into IT Outsourcing.

  • Managed Hosted Voice

    As your business grows, so too can the costs. Branch offices, remote staff, inefficient use of available telephony technologies can drive these costs higher. Finding the time to address these costs isn't easy and many businesses contract to insufficient solutions, with contract terms failing to deliver the agreed cost savings as well as entrenching them further into older technologies.

    Managed Data Services hosted voice solution delivers flexible configurations and monthly user extension based pricing - utilising true VOIP technologies and enterprise level telephony hardware.